Here at Imlay City Molded Products we take pride in every part we produce. Our commitment to quality assures you plastic parts and assemblies that meet the highest of standards. Identifying issues and solving them real time, before parts leave our building. ICMP is ISO certified, assuring our customers repeatability in the parts they receive.


ICMP offers design and engineering services for plastic parts as well as check fixtures, cooling fixtures, automation, and assembly machines. Through partnerships with local tooling and engineering design shops we can take on any sized project from start to finish. If your design requires mold flow or FMEA analysis we have the resources available.



ICMP produces quality parts from a wide range of plastic resins. Some of the common resins we use are Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, ABS, HDPE, Acetal, Polystyrene, TPU, and ASA. We also make a great effort to use recycled materials when we can.



Imlay City Molded Products, Inc.

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