ICMP is capable of handling any of your plastic needs. We run 3 shifts per day/5 days a week, allowing for a fast and efficient delivery of your parts. Around the clock shipping & receiving hours are possible for those unique times when you need parts outside of normal business hours.


We are also very proud of our employees here at ICMP. Our low employee turnover, along with extensive training, helps to build an experienced, quality minded team.


Plastic Part Production

11 Horizontal Injection Molding Machines


Wide Range of Resin Materials Used


3 Shift / 5 Day Work Week


Injection Molding Specialists


Short Runs & Tool Tryouts


Production Runs of any Size




Assemblies and Secondary Actions Performed within Molded Part Cycle Time when Possible


 Assembly Fixture Design and Build


Check Fixture Design and Build


Automation Design and Build


Value Added Assemblies

75 Ton (2) / 110 Ton


250 Ton / 325 Ton


400 Ton / 450 Ton


500 Ton (2) / 560 Ton


1000 Ton


Contact us for platen size, shot size, etc.

Press Sizes

Imlay City Molded Products, Inc.

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